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Date: 2017-10-16 23:37

Dozens – Columns System #guetting #progression

# Dozens Columns Roulette Strategy Before you we get into the Dozens and Columns system, you’ll first need to understand the two main components of the roulette table. There are three ‘dozens’ on the board, each containing twelve numbers. These are as follows: First Dozen: 1-12 Second Dozen: 13-24 Third Dozen: 25-36 These go across the board, and are easy to remember. The columns, on the other hand, aren t as easy to commit to memory. The way to remember columns is that they go down the board. The numbers in each of the columns are as follows: First Column: ...


I know I have many competitors on the internet with rival roulette software/roulette systems. Some of them have a ridiculous message about high school dropouts making $10,000+ a month. They sound super cool and you might have bought some of these systems yourself.
But what about the results! I bet you weren’t impressed with these bogus software and systems. Remember, no one is dying to help you or do you any favors. They have easy answers if you haven’t had a dozen or column for 8 turns, and then tell you just bet on it using a progressive system if you lose:
$1 – $2 – $4 – $6 – $9 – $13 – $20 – $30 – $45 – $67 – $100 – etc.
There is just no credibility with these terrible roulette systems. They DON’T WORK! What is the chance of getting more than twenty spins without one dozen or column appearing…?
In fact, online roulette is not a game of chance at all. I know this will happen just as I know that you normally get over thirty spins without a dozen or a column showing up, and sometimes it’s even over forty. I can see you losing $300 after just twenty spins!
Needless to say, these software systems are idiotic at best. It isn’t reasonable to bet on something that hasn’t appeared for a certain number of spins. Casino software is programmed to stop these systems from working.
The guys that sell these packages know this but they keep on selling them, these guys make money selling their systems not using them, there is a huge difference as I’ve proved I’m the opposite I make money using my system, if the maker of a system isn’t making money with it there is no possible way anyone else can.


Whenever a new online gambling site hits the market, a large number reviews and strategy articles often follow. In most cases, the opinions and advice on offer are the same, but when it comes to the latest player in the market, things are somewhat diverse.